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Department of Home Science


The Department of Home Science at Kamala Nehru Women’s College aims at educating the young girls by providing quality education so that they can put-up their career advancement ,build-up ideal families, become agents of social change, do excel in different professions in the contemporary world and prove their best artfulness in family lifeand competency in profession field.

  • • To teach different aspects like food and nutrition, textile, human development, home management, family care, community service, extension education etc to make them fit into the related profession.
  • • To Provide scientifically planned, multi-dimensional, skill oriented, personality development courses which enable young girls to excel in areas of health, family care, community service.
  • • Imparting education not only to acquire knowledge but also to inculcate a sound ideology for unified living.
  • • Educate young girls towards independence and equality by inculcating a sense of self-worth, integrity and purpose.
  • • Empower young girls to respond artistically along with a sense of responsibility to face the changing needs of the society.
  • • Provide quality education and at the same time inculcate a spirit of service and dedication.
  • • The Department engages students in a curriculum that values and supports interdisciplinary perspectives and combines classroom learning along with field opportunities.
  • • Home science education prepares and orients young girls towards preparation for several professions- teaching, nursing, dietetics, research, welfare, management and development.
  • • To understand importance of Human development & principles involved in it.
  • • To study the developmental pattern of children starting from prenatal period up to.
  • • middle childhood years in the areas of physical,motor, social, emotional and language development.
  • • To enrich the Knowledge of the students about teaching learning process in Extension education.
  • • To achieve goals in life through judicious resource management.
  • • To know the manufacturing process of different types of fabrics.
  • • To know the importance of nutrition in different stages of life cycle.
  • • To study the nutritional need in special conditions.
  • • To understand the structure and functions of various organs of the body.
  • • To know about the technique of collection, analysis and interpretation of data.
  • • To study about different traditional textile and crafts of India.
  • • To acquire knowledge about the different pattern of marriage rituals & ceremonies existing in Indian society.
  • • To understand the importance of public health nutrition and its role.
  • • To gain knowledge about different nutrients, their classification, function, sources,requirement and deficiency diseases etc.
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Dr. (Mrs.) Madhusmita Das,
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
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Mrs Nibedita Jena,
Guest Lecturer
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Mrs Ranjana Behera ,
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“ Home Science gives knowledge for facing new challenges, to cope with changing situations , technological advancements, new developments and growing needs of individuals for successful living in society.”



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