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Department of SANSKRIT

As Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world, it is very necessary to give knowledge about our prime language among the students so that they can know about their rich past heritage.


• To create an eagerness for knowledge, वेदः which comes from √विद्which means knowledge with par excellence. So, gather knowledge in various arenas from our society and every walk of life.

• Stimulate the active learning process and develop the research work among the students.

• Good deeds and ethical values are pivotal to elevate a good human being.

• Sharing knowledge will boost the students' rational and scientific way of thinking which is crucial for the welfare of the society.


• To create a thirst of knowledge among the students which may drag them towards the invention.

• To inculcate the good values among the students which can make them a good human being in the society.

• To provide a platform for research work which is done by our great rishis (sages) to invent many new things where science can't reach nowadays.

• To give good teaching, share the knowledge and intellect towards the literature various languages in the world among the students.

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