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Condemned by the Nation.
Welcome to Kamala Nehru Women’s College,Unit-1,Bhubaneswar,Khurda,Odisha ,"EDUCATION IS NOT THE LEARING OF FACTS,BUT THE TRAINING OF THE MIND TO THINK "- ALBERT EINSTEIN
Department of political science


The Faculty of political science aims at producing graduates who are well rounded in knowledge of political science, while being moral principled and responsible individuals in the society. The department seeks to provide students with learning experience that will equip them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex job market and prepare them to become active and engaged citizens at the local, national and international levels .


• To teach Indian Democratic values side by side with Western liberal Democratic principles.

• To cultivating knowledge about Indian and Western political thinkers.

• To give informations related to indian administrative system and international politics.

• To bring about the teaching and learning experience that provides graduates of international standards.

• Inculcate philanthropic values amongst students and motivate them towards community services.

• Inspire the young minds to develop the habits of critical thinking for achieving creative excellence.

• To provide the public with academic services and pass an academic knowledge with moral values to the society.

• To develop in students the skills and knowledge necessary for professional success and active participation.


In order to achieve the above vision and mission ,the department is committed to providing a rigorous course of study that emphasizes the integration of theoretical, applied and engaged learning in political science and a dedication to active engagement with important issues in contemporary public life at the local ,national and global levels .The objectives are -

• To guide them for self- determination so that they'll be able to utilize their knowledge for good job in future.

• Imparting education and training to prevent sectional or parochial conditions of castism,linguism, regionalism and the like for the sake of our national interest.

• To equip the young girls to revive and restore our political culture through the process of political socialization .

• To enrich the syllaby meant knowledge as well as extra syllaby knowledge for achieving overall excellence.

• To undertake extension activities in order to create free ,just and humane society .

• To promote higher education among the students from Kamala Nehru Women's College most of whom constitute disadvantaged group and from low literacy groups.

• To provide quality education for building of moral character and sence of responsibility along with the spirit of tolerance and cooperation .

• Imparting knowledge for the free and health working and development of the system of liberal Democracy . As such opportunity for a free use of right to freedom of expression and speech must be made available to them.


• To spread the constitutional values like democracy, secularism, fraternity and equality among the students.

• To create awareness among the students about political philosophy .

• Provide updated information in preparation for the competitive examination.replica welder watches replica lange and sohne watches fakewatches.su reviews

• To make civilized citizens of India

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Jyoti Bala Rath
Lecturer in political science (Gr-A)
MA in Political Science
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Mrs.Rajalaxmi Das
MA in Political Science
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