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Welcome to Kamala Nehru Women’s College,Unit-1,Bhubaneswar,Khurda,Odisha ,"EDUCATION IS NOT THE LEARING OF FACTS,BUT THE TRAINING OF THE MIND TO THINK "- ALBERT EINSTEIN
Department of English

The Department of English is one of the oldest departments of Kamala Nehru Women’s college. It renders an intensive understanding of various aspects of life through literature and integrates the subject with the contemporary realities. The department has extended the mentoring beyond the classroom and texts through various multidisciplinary projects and activities like organizing different extra-mural talks, outreach programmes, paper writing and seminars. It encourages the quest for knowledge through research based approach and self learning in addition to building a student’s ability to analyse, assimilate and express in both oral and written mode.


The department envisions transforming society for the betterment of humankind with the pursuit of academic excellence and freedom.The department adheres to the core values of dedication, hardwork and commitment.


1.To create a sustainable environment condusive to highest academic achievements.

2.To equip the students with a mature mind and heart, capable of critical thinking, innovation and experimentation that enable them to become leaders.

3. To create a highly congenial teaching and learning campus to impart value based Education to each ignited mind.

4. To help the students build meaningful careers by strengthening their employability skills.

5. To ensure the advancement of learning by various capacity building programmes and world- classs research facilities.


To provide every student with a condusive environment for attaining her career goals with a strong emphasis on personality development and offer all required resourses to gain quality education without compromising on quality and code of ethics.

Sl No
Employee Name
Mr.Prafulla Kumar Champatiray
Reader in English
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Mrs. Jhum Jhum Das
Senior Lecturer (Grade A) in English
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Dr.Mrs.Upama Behera
Lecturer in English
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Dr.Pujaparna Dash
Lecturer in English
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