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Department of Economics

History of Department

The Department of Economics, Kamala Nehru Women’s College, Bhubaneswar came into existence in the academic session 1979-80 with the introduction of the subject both in I.A. and B.A. (pass) classes. In 1983, ancillary courses on rural industrialization and rural banking were introduced in B.A. classes.

The Department got its due stature when in 1987, Government was pleased to give permission to open ‘Economics’ as the first honours subject in the college. Since then, the Department of economics is growing slowly but surely and striving hard to establish itself as one of the important academic units of the institution.

The subject has kept its dignity and honour from the very inception of the college till date. It is regarded as a demanding subject and all the seats in the Honours (16) are being filled up.

In the initial years, the department was attracting the best students of the college as it was the only Honours teaching department. This trend did not discontinue even after the opening of the other Honours departments in the college.

Of late, due to the introduction of Higher Mathematics in the Honours syllabus, many good students are hesitating to take the subject as they do not have Mathematics background. This has happened mostly after the introduction of CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) pattern at the degree level.

In spite of these disturbing factors, the faculties of the Department have taken it as a challenge on themselves to train the students in all possible ways. They are putting on all possible efforts not only to generate interest in the subject among the students but also to prepare them to grasp the subject to such an extent that they are able to score good marks in the University examinations. The Department is proud enough to declare that the end results have been quite satisfactory. The efforts undertaken by the teachers of the department are quite commendable.


i) Quest for lifelong learning

ii) Stimulation of active learning and insightful observation

iii) Social responsibility of educational people

iv) Utilize and extend advanced research facilities to support quality teaching and basic research thereby helping the department to grow as a center of excellence in field of Humanities.

v) Enabling students to act as model citizens


Keeping with motto of Ramadevi Women’s University and the mission of our college, our department’s mission is

i) To create a comprehensive platform for students to gain knowledge and skills in the field of Economics.

ii) To ensure the acquisition of skills essential for professional courses and graduate study by providing exposure to the students of Economics.

iii) To excel in quality teaching and research by attracting the best of minds and keep pace with contemporary research in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

iv) To share knowledge and foster student success through a continuous process of inquiry, crucial thinking and reflection, collaboration and application.


The teaching practice of the faculty members of the department is based on the following objectives.

i) To develop the latent talent and intellectual standards of the students by adopting teaching practices on the basis of grasping power of the students.

ii) To maintain the balance between the depth of the subject and the latest developments in it.

iii) To train the students on the basis of the needs of the present job market.

iv) Special attention to the economically and academically weak students to bring them at par with others.

v) Stress on interaction with the students along with classroom teaching.

vi) To develop the skill and efficiency in preparation and presentation of seminar papers on current economic issues.

vii) To expose the students to the eminent scholars of the state through extra-mural lectures.

viii) To train the students in preparing the project reports on important economic issues in partial fulfillment of the current degree syllabus.

ix) To provide the empirical knowledge through study tour and industrial visits.

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Employee Name
Mrs. Shova Das
Associate Professor of Economics and Principal
M.A M.Phil in Analytical and Applied Economics
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Mrs. Nivedita Misra
Lecturer in Economics
M.A M.Phil (Economics), LLB
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Dr. Lambodar Rout
Lecturer in Economics
M.A, PhD in Economics
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